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Machu Pichu with Food Poisoning, Altitude Sickness and Mick Jagger

Posted by paul caparatta on

International travel is always a challenge.  On top of language and culture barriers, food poisoning can be an issue in many countries.  As an avid traveler I've had more than my share of food poisoning.  A few years ago I had the fortune to visit Peru and Machu Pichu. Unfortunately, I managed to nab a bug (salad washed with unclean water I believe) on the day we were finally going to visit Machu Pichu, which involves quite a bit of steep steps.  While tackling these steps with food poisoning is difficult enough, I was also suffering from altitude sickness as Machu Pichu is at 7,972 feet.  The combination of the two left me so debilitated that I could barely climb three steps without having to stop to keel over and die.

The truth is, when healthy, Machu Pichu doesn't really take to long to "complete".  Maybe about an hour of step climbing and photo taking.  But if you're in the area....

Turns out Mick Jagger had visited Machu Pichu earlier in the day and took the same train back towards Cuzco with us.  Hope he felt better than I did.

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