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Why not hold the FIFA World Cup every two or three years instead of four?

Posted by paul caparatta on

The most popular sporting event in the world, with the possible exception of the Olympics, is soccer's FIFA World Cup which takes place every four years.  The last World Cup was 2014, hosted by Brazil. In 2018 Russia will host, followed by Qatar in 2022.   But if this beloved event is so popular, why only have it every four years?  Why not every two or three years?  Sure some could argue that having it every four years is what makes it so special.  But really, if it was every three years or even two years would it be any less special?  Would fans say "oh, we just did this three years ago, I'm not watching so soon?"  Of course not. 

In the modern world, corporations are starting to learn that you should give customers what they want.  Netflix puts their new seasons of popular shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Stranger Things up all at once, allowing its customers to spend 10 straight hours binging non stop if they so desire. Dead TV shows like Gilmore Girls and Full House are being resurrected left and right. Restaurants bring you more food than you should ever eat in one sitting.  A dozen superhero movies are released every year because that's what the people want.

Having to wait every four years is outdated.  With the Olympics it makes more sense as the many different events and massive amounts of athletes require much more infrastructure, planning, construction etc.  And lets face it, most people couldn't care less about most of the sports in the Olympics so once every four years might be all they can handle. 

There's no shortage of countries willing to host the World Cup, with the United States boasting many cities capable of the task. 

Get with the times FIFA, and make some more money while you're at it.  Schedule the World Cup every two or three years and watch your fanbase surge!

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