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Amazon's KneeJerk Reaction to the Indian Flag Doormat Scandal

Posted by paul caparatta on

Amazon was recently involved in an international uproar when it was discovered that a doormat featuring the Indian Flag was being sold on their website.  Indian government officials were furious, and Amazon had to pull the listing and apologize.  If you're unfamiliar with exactly how Amazon works, Amazon has hundreds of thousands of merchants who can list their products on Amazon freely without the approval of Amazon, as long as they meet their guidelines.  No doubt the seller of this product meant no harm, they probably slapped the Indian Flag on a number of household products hoping to simply make money.  But because you wipe your feet on a doormat, controversy ensued. 

But now it appears that in order to cover their butts, Amazon is removing non offensive Indian Flag products.  As a seller on Amazon, today PremiumTT received this email:

"Hello from Amazon.

We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog:

ASIN: B01MCZMF2E, SKU: 008indiasticker, Title: "40 stickers: indian flag, india party favors, decals"
ASIN: B01GGMB1LC, SKU: 008india, Title: "40 tattoos: indian flag, india party favors"

This product has been identified as one prohibited for listing or sale on Amazon. For more information, please see Amazon's Offensive Products policy:"

Now while doormats and the like could be deemed offensive, a simple sticker of a flag is not.  In fact, people of Indian descent who are proud of their flag are the most likely customers of these products. 

We've contacted Amazon and hopefully they will do the right thing and allow customers to buy their favorite Indian Flag products again.   You may of course purchase our Indian Flag tattoos and Indian Flag stickers right here on this website.


1/22/17 UPDATE - Our 2 Indian Flag products returned to Amazon.  :)

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