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World Flag Tattoos (Mix)

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One order = 5 different random sheets of world country flags (you can also use the comment section to type in the flags of your choice.) Each sheet features 8 Flags (4 are 4.5 cm width, 4 are 3cm width) so you receive a total of 40 temporary tattoos. We have about 65 of the world's most colorful and popular flags available, from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Premium quality, rich colors last for days (depends on your skin). Great for classrooms, Olympics parties, world fairs, model un, world cup etc!

Did you know?:  Very often, the colors used in a flag represent the values of that country (or other entity). Black often represents determination, ethnic heritage, and/or defeating one's enemies. Blue often represents freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and/or patriotism.

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