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North Carolina Flag Tattoo

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 Each order = 5 sheets (40 temporary tattoos) featuring 8 North Carolina State Flags (4 are 4.5 cm width, 4 are 3cm width.) Premium quality, rich colors last for days (depends on your skin). Don't waste your money on small, poor quality tattoos that don't stick to your skin or only last an hour! Great for North Carolina parties! Note the images above may be "mirrored". The flag will be backwards on the sheet; when you apply it to your body the image will flip and display properly.This flag was adopted in 1861.

Did you know?: Carolina is a word derived from the Latin name for Charles, 'Carolus'. The first settlement in the North Carolina region occurred in 1587. One of these settler's named John White was the father of the first English baby born in the New World.

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