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Kanji Temporary Tattoos: Japanese, Chinese, Asian Characters

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2 unique sheets x 3 each = 6 sheets. Each sheet features 6 Kanji character tattoos so you receive a total of 36 temporary tattoos (12 different kanji.)  Each tattoo is 1.5 – 1.75 inch wide. Note the images above may be "mirrored". The character will be backwards on the sheet; when you apply it to your body the image will flip and display properly. You can cut around the meaning below and simply apply the character.

Did you know?: Writing down Kanji on Washi paper with ink is an art form called Shodou, Shodou is called calligraphy art in English. Shodou is taught as a subject in elementary, middle, and some high schools in Japan. Artists who specialize in Shodou are called Shodouka.

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